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Relax, Breathe, Smile-the book your body wants you to read!
An introduction to self-healing through the mind-body connection. Simple and brief instructions for achieving health and happiness through meditation, relaxation, breathing, eating well, finding inner peace, and more. Each chapter includes an exercise and a quick review.
(98 pages)
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Relax, Breathe, Smile: book by Diane See

The Healer Is You, Understanding Mind-Body Medicine
Down to earth suggestions for staying healthy. Explains how the body is designed to heal itself naturally by letting go of physical, mental and emotional stress. More extensive and more detailed than Relax, Breathe, Smile. Includes quotes and references from experts in the field of mind-body medicine, as well as personal examples.
(123 pages)
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The Healer Is You: book by Diane See

Calm Your Mind and Body
A guided relaxation exercise narrated by Diane, with a background of gentle music. Includes 17 minutes of narration, plus 17 minutes of music alone.
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Calm your mind and body-Guided Meditation By Diane See