Relax, Breathe, Smile...the book your body wants you to read!

Relax, Breathe, Smile: book by Diane See Ten easy steps to health and happiness, conveyed with an attitude of encouragement and supportiveness. Suggestions and instructions are simple and brief, yet the benefits can be profound.

The ten topics outlined in this book will help you to quiet your mind and relax your body, activate your inner healing system and breathe more effectively. You will learn how to move with greater ease, eat to nourish your soul as well as your body, and look your best. Finally, you will see the importance of loving yourself as you are, finding inner peace, and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. This surely is a book your body wants you to read!

Quotes from the Pages of Relax, Breathe, Smile

"Even without an understanding of what caused the tension in the first place, practicing letting go of unnecessary muscle tension can help the body feel more calm and the mind feel more peaceful."

"We can learn to comfort ourselves as we would comfort a child. Talk to your sore knees gently and kindly, reassuring the muscles and joints. Love relaxes. Isn't it comforting to know that you can give yourself the love you need?"

"The best breathing exercise of all is the one that happens naturally when you sing, dance, or laugh."

"There is no one right way to eat that everyone should follow."

"Accepting your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful."

"Don't fool yourself by trying to be something you're not. Be brave and admit the truth. Then love yourself exactly as you are, even with your faults."

"A thoughtful act is a double whammy. The receiver loves it and you feel wonderful too.

Comments on Relax, Breathe, Smile...

"I love the book's straightforwardness, its clarity, its usefulness, its kindness, its comprehensiveness-like a cameo perspective of self-healing which invites and inspires me to trust myself, to honor myself, and to be well. I want to give it to several clients."
Marie Scott, Transpersonal Therapist, San Francisco

"This is wonderful book, full of great teachings, that will be most helpful to anyone who reads it. It really is a gem, and I will treasure it and re-read it many times."
Andrew Morgan, a former student

  • Relax, Breathe, Smile...
    the book your body wants you to read!

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