The Healer Is You...Understanding Mind-Body Medicine

The Healer Is You: book by Diane See Among the myriad books about health and healing on the market these days, few include as wide a range of influences that affect our health, as does The Healer Is You. It shows that staying healthy involves not only the body, but also the mind, emotions and attitudes, because negative thoughts can damage the body.

The writing is illustrated with personal experiences and anecdotes, as well as numerous references and quotes from leading teachers in the field of mind-body medicine.

Complex concepts are written in simple, non-technical language. Includes clear, concise, useful, insights for eliminating obstacles to health and happiness such as worry, fear and self-judgment. The gentle and encouraging tone makes it easy to consider new ideas.

The book opens with the concept that the body is self-healing and self-correcting with a blueprint for growth and development. Therefore we can trust the natural healing system, and cooperate with it.

The four main sections of the book focus individually on Body, Mind, Feelings, and Spirit.


explains that the body is like a vehicle that needs simple preventive maintenance to keep it relaxed and running smoothly, including how to move with ease, eat for the soul, improve breathing, relax muscle tension and practice self-massage to soothe and comfort.


shows how negative thoughts interfere with the harmonious functioning of the body by creating disturbance and tension, and offers insights and suggestions for eliminating those disturbances.


describes how emotions affect your health, how to release old traumas and heal them, how to give yourself the love you deserve, and how to bring happiness into your life.


helps you to recognize your true nature and see how a change of attitude can change your life; understand that daily life is an opportunity to practice spiritual healing.

Quotes From The Pages of The Healer Is You:

“Try not to see your body as the enemy, falling apart, hurting, gaining weight, getting old, or getting sick, even if it is. Remember, it is responding to your thoughts.”

“Make sure your mental images, like your words, are acting in your favor and not against your best interests.”

“My experience and studies lead me to believe that the source of chronic anxiety, hostility and other painful emotions can often be traced to early life experiences.”

“When we understand that we are more than a body, more than a mind, more than our feelings, we can let go of attachment to these. And when we do, our spirit, the essence of us, remains.”

Comments on The Healer Is You

The Healer Is You is an excellent guidebook into the emerging landscape of the new medicine. It is becoming clear that we cannot be whole without attention to all that we are-body, mind, spirit. This book shows why."
Larry Dossey, M.D., author, The Power of Premonitions

"A valuable contribution to our growing awareness of the interaction between the body and the mind."
Jean Liedloff, author, The Continuum Concept

"I was struck by how personal the tone of the book is. I felt you were talking directly to ME. You speak simply about profound matters, and give me references to look up if I want to delve further. It is also such a gracious reminder of things thought of before, but forgotten in our busy lives. Thank you."
Eve Langton, Social Worker/therapist

"The Healer Is You is clear, simply and personally stated, yet so well researched with so many important leaders in the field quoted. It covers everything, and is so readable, like you being in the room talking. The part about sexual abuse is revolutionary in a health care book, but I was caught by your wisdom. It will help many people begin healing."
Lynn Scott, former Director of the Children's Program at the Center for Attitudinal Healing

  • The Healer Is You: Understanding Mind-Body Medicine

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